Welcome to Julie Lawford: A Writer’s Notepad

I’m Julie Lawford and I’ve just published my first novel.

Singled Out is a gritty psychological suspense story set on a singles holiday in Turkey.  Think sunshine holiday romance… but only for a moment. For when the sun goes down on this group of guests, things get very dark for some.

You can read more about Singled Out here.

I’ve been blogging for a while, mostly about the experience of writing fiction and navigating today’s constantly shifting publishing landscape. Lately I’ve been slipping in a few topics which relate to Singled Out too – the ups and downs of being single, Turkey – one of my favourite places in the world, foodie matters and the psycho-side of life. I love it when people read and comment on my blog, so please, don’t be shy, join the conversation.  You can click here to check out my blog or select BLOG from the menu bar above.

Singled Out Is available to buy in paperback and Kindle e-book from Amazon. Click on the pen icon to subscribe to my mailing list for publication updates.

Thanks for dropping by.  Please stay a while, join in and share the experience.

12 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Only just came across your page. Best wishes with your novel.

  2. Congrats. See you’ve made the transition to julielawford.com. Hope it was painless!

  3. So cool! Congratulations on the upcoming book. That’s really exciting.

    I grew up as an expat in Turkey (baby to college with a few trips to the US – parents worked there). It’s such a deep and lovely country! What’s your connection there?

    • Thank you! I have no connection with Turkey other than I’ve taken several holidays there over the years and I love the country, the people, their warm hospitality, the food, the scenery, the raggedy coastline, the sea, the beaches…..; basically the soul and spirit of the place. I thought it would make a great setting for my first novel. I guess I’ll find out whether others agree with me in a week or two. :)

      • I completely agree. It’s a fantastic setting.

        When I was a kid we had summer vacations at a beach (Kizkalesi) with an actual ruined castle on a tiny island a quarter mile from shore. We’d swim or canoe out and climb the old towers. I mean, how do you beat that? Incredible! And I still miss the food.

        Best wishes for the book launch! Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

        • I have many wonderful memories of my Turkish holidays, but favourite are the several times I’ve spent days and whole weeks at a time on-board a Gulet, motoring, or better still, sailing the coastal waters around the Bodrum or Dacta Peninsulars. Funnily enough, there’s a Gulet in my story…

  4. Hi Julie! I am happy to be visiting your blog for the first time. Congratulations on your first novel ‘Singled Out’ and your blog. I am confident that great days lie ahead for you in writing and blogging. I do wish that your candle shines as brightly as possible.

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