Welcome to A Writer’s Notepad.

It’s a messy blog and I can only apologise.  I’ve never been much good at sticking to one topic. Mainly, it’s about my experience of writing fiction and navigating today’s publishing landscape, including a few posts around my (first) novel and its connections – Turkey, the single life, foodie matters and the seamier, psycho-side of things.

I self-published Singled Out in 2015. After an extended hiatus, I’m getting back on-track as a writer again in 2020, making a long, long-delayed start on Novel Number Two.

Blogging is likely to be intermittent, but join me, if you will. Click here or select BLOG from the menu bar.

Were you wondering? Singled Out is a gritty psychological suspense story set on a singles holiday in Turkey.  Think sunshine holiday romance… but only for a moment. For when the sun goes down on this group of guests, things get very dark for some. You can read more about Singled Out here.