Jackanory for grown-ups

Some people are purists when it comes to books – nothing other than leafing through paper pages will do.  I see it differently.  Audiobooks enable me to ‘read’ far more than I could otherwise make the time for. For me, audiobooks mean I can enjoy more writing and a wider range of books than I can treat myself to in plain book form.  There’s an added pleasure – that of being read to; of enjoying the way a good narrator adds dimension, drama and emotion to the experience.  It’s Jackanory for grown-ups.

The other morning, engaged in the usual start-of-day repair job on my face, I tuned into my latest audiobook (Nobody’s Fool by Richard Russo), to be presented with the last three sentences of the chapter. I nearly poked myself in the eye with my liner.  Drat. It happened again.

It’s the one thing that bugs me about audiobooks; you can’t see when the end of a chapter is coming up.

I listen each morning whilst attempting to renew my menopausally blotchy face with a few coats of war-paint.  I switch off once I’ve achieved all the silky-smooth radiance a bottle of foundation and a tub of powder is ever going to offer me.  Next day, same process, so I return to the audiobook where I left off.  And there they are again, almost every day; those three or four stray sentences – the chapter conclusion just seconds away.

If I were reading a paperback, I’d see the chapter end coming and unless I had no time at all, I’d read right to the end.  But when an audiobook is recorded in sections, where each section comprises several chapters, you get no clues.  And the Grumpy Old Woman in me rails at those stray sentences and pleads one of those “why don’t they” questions….. Why don’t they record audiobooks with tracks that correspond to every chapter?

You’d think it a simple enough task.

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