Sneezy, Wheezy, Dopey, Sleepy, Sniffy, Grouchy and Grumpy

I’ve just returned from a five-day Writing Retreat at the Arvon Foundation’s centre at Totleigh Barton in Devon.  It’s a charmingly creaky, uneven, nooks-and-crannies sort of a place dating back to pre-Domesday times, which must have been designed originally for the Seven Dwarfs – anybody over 5’4” tall will develop a crick in their neck before the week is out.  Apart from the odd hot-spot in the car park (and then only if the clouds pull back), you don’t get mobile coverage, and as for email – out of the question.  That makes it a perfect spot for a bit of concentrated, focused scribbling.  That, plus the fact that it didn’t stop raining, not for one minute, in the whole five days.

That was the reason I managed 8,000 new words (yaaay!), before succumbing to a malicious virus of the medical kind, which by Thursday, had fogged up my brain-cells and clogged up my sleep-deprived body. On Friday I surrendered to it and stayed in bed all afternoon.  But all things considered, I call 8,000 words, and coming within spitting distance of the finish line (first draft only), a result.

When I can detach myself from the box of Kleenex and breathe again without the aid of Strepsils, here’s where I’ll be picking up from:

‘Why are you doing this?’ squeals posh-boy. ‘What have I ever done to you?’

He smiles. What kind of a question is that?

‘I just don’t like your face,’ he says.

3 thoughts on “Sneezy, Wheezy, Dopey, Sleepy, Sniffy, Grouchy and Grumpy

  1. Sorry to hear your retreat was interrupted by bad health. I look forward to going on one of these at some point. The height issue won’t be a problem for me! And 8,000 words – the finishing line is in sight. Exciting.

    1. I’ve had some great feedback this week on my scribblings at Arvon, from my mentor. I’m encouraged and excited to press on to the finish line. I think it took until about two-thirds of the way through this first attempt at a novel, to ‘find my voice’, Now I seem to have found it, I anticipate a mammoth editing task once the first draft is completed. But that’s part of the fun, right?

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