Best Blogs for Budding Authors

A while ago I blogged on some of my favourite books about writing.  Today I’m highlighting a few of my favourite blogs about writing – the craft of writing, techniques to learn, pitfalls to avoid, advice on developing as a writer, tips on building your public profile as an author, and, of course, on getting published.

My favourite of all is Moody Writing, a very active blog posting superb articles on every aspect of the craft of writing; fresh, coherent and packed with good sense and great advice.

I also value craft tips for writers from Sue Healy, who shares a wealth of journalistic and writerly experience.

For practical business sense for authors, I’ve found Write to be Published author, Nicola Morgan and her blog, Help! I Need a Publisher to be worldly-wise, informative and helpful.

Lastly for now, there’s Writer Unboxed, a collaborative blog with contributions from multiple authors; great for getting a variety of perspectives on every aspect of the writer’s experience.

I learn from these generous bloggers every day.  Doubtless there are other blogs which could also prove invaluable to the novice writer and if you know of one, I would love you to share it with us all, so do respond with a comment and a contribution if you can.


Author: Jools

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5 thoughts on “Best Blogs for Budding Authors”

    1. You’re welcome. You always give me something to think about, learn from, incorporate into, or edit out of my own writing. Keep it coming!

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