The delightful delusion of shopping TV

I love shopping TV – I confess to the odd purchase or three, mainly to feed a hard-to-control paper crafting habit.  I can be easily persuaded that I cannot live a moment longer without the latest paper cutting gadget or the newest, fanciest embossing powder, and that I must rush to buy before stocks are exhausted.

What I love most about shopping TV however, is the way the concept of spending money on the purchase of a product is re-moulded into the seductive language of demand and delight, temptation and treat.

So just for fun, here are a few of my special shopping TV language favourites:

  • It isn’t cheap, it’s affordable
  • You aren’t buying, you’re investing
  • You aren’t spending money, you’re going for it. Woo hoo!!!
  • It isn’t absurdly expensive, it’s a considered purchase
  • It’s all about praise and reward:  Well done if you got yours!
  • Nearly ten percent of the stock has gone! Really, and that makes us all anxious, why?
  • It’s not tasteless and trashy, it’s making a statement
  • Spending running out of control? No, you’re adding to your collection
  • Why stop at one?  Buy two and give one away.  But why?
  • We can’t get it back in stock.  Then what, pray, are you doing in the selling game?
  • A set of six – great value. Not if I only want one, it isn’t
  • We’re giving you. . . No!  It’s not a gift. You’re spending your hard-earned cash money for real

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