Mirror, mirror on the wall…

I had reason to look up synonyms for the word ‘wicked’ on MSWord the other day.  Instead of offering me the suggestions I expected such as, perhaps… malicious, bad, evil, malevolent, I got… great, terrific, cool, fab and fantastic.

It made me wonder, as language evolves, what the future holds for The Wicked Stepmother of our childhood fairy tales?

Author: Jools

Abundant, Bold, Confident, Determined, Empathetic, Forthright, Grumpy, Healthier, Individual, Just me, Kind, Loving, Mellifluous, Natural, Optimistic, imPatient, Quirky, Real-world, Single-minded, unTreatable, Unwound, Verbal, Wilful, eXtraordinary, Young and old, Zero-tolerance.

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