10 things which quite irrationally jerk my chain (today)

  1. Men sporting full beards – I thought we were done with that in the 70’s
  2. Misuse of the apostrophe – in a national newspaper website
  3. Cyclists with no lights at night – actually, cyclists
  4. Tattoos – why?
  5. Sneaky sugar in… practically everything
  6. Noisy leaf blowers, like the one outside right now – what’s wrong with a broom, people?
  7. Sales that are ‘up to’ 50% off
  8. The leak in my roof I didn’t know about – until it rained for 40 days and nights
  9. Parcels lobbed over my back gate – When. I’m. At. Home.
  10. Finding typos in my own work – after I sent it out

16 thoughts on “10 things which quite irrationally jerk my chain (today)

  1. I’m rather hoping that the return of beards is part of the growing amnesty for body hair. Shaven chests should be only in the operating theatre,and as for further down, I refer you to point number 4 – why again?

    1. Personally I’m all in favour of upper body hair but I suppose this has gone under pressure from another of my gripes – the ubiquitous tattooing of arms and shoulders, chests and backs. As for ‘down below’… I couldn’t possibly comment on such a public forum 🙂

  2. Beards are amazing! They’re also making a come back. This generation will likely sport them, and the kids will be all “Dad, that’s disgusting!” At which point my brother will hug his children and rub his beard on them. “The only thing that gets caught in my beard is majesty.”

    I agree with the rest. Had an ex who wanted to get a tat that said “faith” but it was going to look like a prison tat with the quality. She wanted to get into a profession requiring a doctorate and it would be on her forearm. I’m like, you know you’ll never be able to wear a short sleeve shirt, right?

    1. I’m not a fan of tattoos, and I can’t help but wonder what all those cute little inkings on the ladies will look like in, oh, forty or fifty years’ time. As for beards, no, sorry, no. It’s a come-back too far for me. I can do without nappy-rash on my face 🙂 .

  3. I say to each his own, though to be honest, I don’t like the increase in body hair. I like the trend where men were shaving as much as women. It’s great for hygiene, not to mention very attractive. But again, I know some will disagree. I don’t believe in a universal ideal look. everything is relative. I don’t mind tattoos. What I don’t like is all the crap on my facebook suggesting that you aren’t a real woman unless you have a tattoo somewhere. I don’t like needles. I could maybe handle a lick on stick on : ) All the same, fun post.

    1. I find my own response to body hair quite random. I like it here, I don’t like it there. But just as it would be churlish of an agent to reject a submission on the basis of two typos, so too would it be churlish of me to respond in the same way to a bit of fuzz, upstairs, downstairs, under the wing, on the chin, whatever. But… but… As for tattoos, I’ve never understood the appeal and I have the same response as you to needles, so why I would ever volunteer for needles I don’t, um, need, I don’t know. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    1. You’re right there. It’s only a good deal if you would have bought the $50 worth of product anyway. I’d add any and all of those ‘buy two, get one free’ offers which rot away in your fridge/cupboard as you can’t possibly consume all three before time and the environment gets the better of them, whatever the product. I’d rather buy the one I need at 30% off. Grumpy indeed!

  4. I’m sorry but another beard fan here. I had to shave every day for over 20 years when working so having the chance not to has been wonderful. I’ve never gone longer than two weeks before shaving but the beardier I become, the more my two year old strokes my face, which is a good enough reason for me to be bearded.

    1. Fortunately, I’ve never had to shave every day. But women have their cross-eyed-bears too, believe me. In addition to the undeniably wonderful response of your two year old, you now have the comfort of knowing that you’re on the cutting edge of style, trend-setting alongside a growing army of beardies. Facial hair… everywhere! I feel a nice, sexy, smooth-skinned Gillette advert coming along any moment… David Beckham, Daniel Craig maybe…

    1. I feel for anyone who finds one of those sneaky typos ‘after the fact’. But in a weird way, I’m gratified to find I’m not the only one.

  5. I think it does not matter what you write about as long as you get a response or good comments from readers. The only comments I have received for the past year are from you Jools, my granddaughter Shalee, a few from my eldest daughter and then the majority from my wonderful and supportive wife. The rest of the readers from all over the world have left….how do you brits say it naught.

    1. I do so understand how you feel, as I too was plugging away at my blog for a couple of years (it had a previous incarnation) with an audience in single figures. I remember someone telling me once that trying to attract attention in the social media world was a bit like pinning a notice to a tree in a forest. The chance of someone ambling past was… very small. My huge gratitude goes to Freshly Pressed, without whom, my blogging efforts would likely have crumbled before now.

      My only suggestion is to do what brought me to you… You commented on my blog, which made me look at yours, then follow, and lo and behold, we are blogging buddies! Keep the faith 🙂

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