A Big Freshly Pressed Thank You

juicedI was lucky enough to be featured again on Freshly Pressed over the weekend – courtesy of my last blog post on Marmite Moments: Writing Good Sex.  So first off, it’s a big thank you to the Freshly Pressed crew for singling me out again. 

Getting Freshly Pressed gives a big boost to little blogs like mine.  Last time, I went from readership in single figures to over 1,400 hits in one day alone, and several hundred new subscribers.  This time, A Writer’s Notepad has seen around 1,200 hits since late Saturday night – and from the last time I know, that’s early days in terms of numbers. 

The biggest delight of all is that so many new people have joined the conversation, by commenting on this post and others.  It’s weirdly fun, to engage with people all over the world, from all sorts of perspectives, and simply share a few lines of comment, empathy or opinion in a warm and social environment.  It’s a bit like a bunch of friends settling down on the flumpy sofas at their favourite coffee house and having a chat – if that’s not too much of a raging cliché these days. 

So my other thank-you is to you.  If you’ve found my blog in the last few days and joined in by commenting, or just followed, or even just popped by to see what’s going on – I thank you! You are what makes blogging… fun.

In case you’re interested, I also have a Facebook author’s page – yes, budding authors can just about get away with this.  So if you’re a friend of Facebook, find your way there and ‘like’ if you will.  There’s a Twitter feed too – both are signposted in the right hand column.  It’s all about writing because that’s my passion. 

I hope you enjoy my novice writer’s journey, my writerly angst and the odd off-piste moment that finds its way on to the blog.  Don’t be shy either – it’s great to get comments and I read and respond to all.

14 thoughts on “A Big Freshly Pressed Thank You

    1. I’ve likened blogging, when you’re just starting out and have single-figure readerships, to pinning a note to a tree in a forest. It’s lovely when you realise that so many people have come across your note, that they’ve actually carved a visible path to your particular tree, and more and more people are finding their way there every day. I persisted with blogging for a couple of years before Freshly Pressed and a couple of blogging awards served to make me a little more visible and now it’s fun to engage. I’m so glad you found your way here, as you have a great blog yourself. Thanks for joining in!

          1. What doesn’t? The note? The tree? I first heard that analogy in respect of web sites – it was an argument for deploying SEO, Adwords etc, would you believe. But it makes even more sense when you relate it to blogging.

          2. I went for a minimalist approach; it had a smiley face, nothing more. Perhaps WordPress doesn’t appreciate such concisely edited material. Now deleted!

  1. I rarely find anything in Freshly Pressed to interest me but your post caught my eye because I’ve been experimenting with writing sex scenes fairly recently.

    Glad I found your blog, some interesting insights here 🙂

    1. Thanks indeed, for your feedback. I write from-the-heart about both the joys and frustrations of learning how to be a writer, completing my first novel and, lately, the challenge of approaching agents and seeking representation. It’s always good to hear when one of my posts hits the spot! Good luck with your writing too.

  2. Well done on getting freshly pressed again! You sum up the joys of blogging and interacting with readers and other bloggers well. I like your tree analogy and I hope many more follow the ever-more-well-trodden path to the notes you pin on it.

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