Here’s the Proof!

Singled Out Proof Copies 29 Dec 14You’re probably fed-up of sharing my writer’s journey by now. But in case you’re not – my proof copies of Singled Out arrived from CreateSpace in the USA today. The expedited delivery charges (I have no patience) cost more than the two copies I ordered.

Yes, my story, in a real book format. I’m quite absurdly excited!

All looks good so publication (paperback and Kindle e-book) is still happily on-target for early February and I’m going to try and set up the e-book for advance orders too.

Today’s job is to begin setting up my author website via WordPress. Hopefully, this blog will transfer neatly and seamlessly across in due course. But I’m not massively technical and things can and do go wrong for me when coding and the interweb is involved. So if you have any suggestions as to how to accomplish this without accidentally abandoning my 2,700 or so wonderful subscribers – I’d love to hear from you!

16 thoughts on “Here’s the Proof!

    1. It’s lovely and weird, but I confess I found myself wishing there’d been someone else around when I opened the package, as it would have been lovely to share the moment.

        1. This is true – and it’s a strange and wonderful thing, how close one can feel to people one has never met. A salute to my blogging buddies. 😄

    1. It was a bit special. I took the package from the UPS man then went to make myself a cup of coffee first. I was a bit afraid I’d be disappointed, but I wasn’t. I have one issue with page numbering on empty pages at the end of each chapter, which I need to try and sort out if I can, but otherwise, it was… just perfect.

  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment! I know (or would suspect) that this has been a long and treacherous route to get to this goal of being able to hold your book in your hands, but it must be so worth it. Here’s hoping that 2015 is a banner year for you, your book sells and more writing, too!

    1. Oh, that’s really kind of you – thank you! Yes, it has been quite a journey, as they say, but I’m happy with my decision to self-publish and put my story in the hands of readers, to see what they think of it. I’m also looking forward to starting work on my next novel!

  2. When Alexander entered the palace of the Persian King Darius II he said to his generals, “So this it seems is Royalty”. Now you with your first published copy of your book in hand saying the same thing. And indeed it is Royal. Enjoy my friend, and we cannot wait to read it. Your new journey has begun congrats ! Bill

    1. Thank you, Bill! Singled Out will be published in paperback and e-book on Amazon on 1st February. But be warned… it’s a gritty tale about a tough subject, dark and a bit grizzly in parts. I’m a little afraid people might look at me differently after they read it!

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