Long, slow, deep breaths…

Singled Out is today officially launched and available to buy (on Kindle and in paperback) from Amazon

singledout_kindle_656x1000pxIt seems as if I’ve been doing this for ever… writing, editing, writing some more, editing some more, fiddling about on KDP, messing around on CreateSpace, checking and re-checking proofs… and all the while, taking deep, calming breaths.

But it’s finally done. As of this morning, 1st February, Singled Out is online, live, and available to purchase from Amazon – for your Kindles or for your bookshelves.

If you’ve become interested in the story of Singled Out over the last few months – the writing of it, or the few teasing nuggets which have found their way into this blog – you might feel like checking it out:

UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Singled-Out-Julie-Law…/…/B00RO1GH28/

USA: http://www.amazon.com/Singled-Out-Julie-Lawfo…/…/1505207517/

If over the coming days, weeks or months you should happen to purchase Singled Out; and if you should happen to enjoy the read, know that nothing would make me happier than if you chose to leave a review on Amazon, or Goodreads (or even both). Reviews and word-of-mouth are the tools by which indie authors gain their audiences.  Feedback is all part of the adventure.

It’s also the reason I’ll be holding my breath…

23 thoughts on “Long, slow, deep breaths…

  1. Many congratulations on your book birthday! I’ve received my copy and look forward to seeing the changes you’ve made since I beta read it all those months ago. I hope you’ve something sparkly lined up to drink today in celebration 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m sure I’ve got something sparkly somewhere about the place. Meantime, I logged on early to update my banners etc, and I still haven’t managed to make my way downstairs for that first cup of coffee.

  2. Reblogged this on Suffolk Scribblings and commented:
    I’ve been following Julie’s path to publications with interest and now, finally, her book Singled Out is available to buy as an ebook or paperback. I was lucky enough to beta read for Julie a while back and I can’t wait to see what changed she’s made. If you like psychological thrillers with a bit of mystery and a distinctive female lead, you’ll love Singled Out.

    1. I’m blushing, Dylan. Thanks so much for the reblog and your kind words. The time you gave to beta-reading Singled Out, and your feedback was – as you will see – invaluable.

  3. Congratulations, Julie! I was apparently so anxious to read Singled Out, I ordered it twice without realizing it! Paperback arrived a few days ago. Then today Amazon sends me an email announcing that it’s now on my Kindle (as pre-ordered). Does this mean I have to read it twice?

    1. Oh but I must offer you double the thanks then, for both purchases! You can always pass on one copy to someone else,, I suppose, but it’s a bit tricky with a Kindle copy. I do hope you enjoy it, whichever one you read 🙂

  4. Congratulations! The big day is here! I just ordered my copy (or I guess I should say downloaded it–oh, the wonder of ebooks). If only my to-read list weren’t so long. But your book will be there waiting for me. Best of luck with the launch!

    1. Thank you Carrie. I really hope when Singled Out rises to the top of your to-read list, that you enjoy it. Having written such a great novel yourself, I so hope my own finds favour with you.

    1. Baby steps so far… I hope Singled Out finds favour with a few (a big few) readers over the coming weeks. It’s hard not to be impatient. 🙂

        1. I’m definitely a bit unsettled, and will be making for a rare glass of something stiff once the sun, such as it is, makes it over the yard-arm.

          Putting your book ‘out there’ especially without the credibility of mainstream traditional publishing behind you, is an unnerving experience, Although, so far, I probably know almost everyone who has purchased a copy! Hopefully that will change over coming weeks, by which time I may have learned a bit of patience.

  5. Many congratulations and so proud of all you have learned and achieved to get to this stage. Not least of all the pure practicalities of publishing in print, on Kindle and uploading to Amazon. I’m sure that wasn’t part of the deal when you decided to start writing fiction? Good luck and I look forward to all the What Julie Did Next blog posts…

    1. There’s certainly a lot to learn when you get to the mechanics of Kindle and CreateSpace, but if you take a systematic approach, it’s perfectly doable. It’s writing the book in the first place that’s trickier than any of us imagine when we set out. 😉

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