20 things to do when you don’t have a clue what to write for your next blog post

Winter Pansies 2

  1. Make a cup of coffee
  2. Phone a friend
  3. Compile your To Do list for next week
  4. Check Facebook, even though you hate Facebook and you hate yourself for checking Facebook
  5. Update your current reads on Goodreads
  6. Phone another friend
  7. Pay your bills online
  8. Pull a few unwanted clothes from your wardrobe for the charity shop bag
  9. Make another cup of coffee
  10. Order a replacement carpet protector for under your desk, because you’ve had just about enough of catching your chair on the splintered shreds of the old one
  11. Rate all the products you’ve recently purchased on Amazon
  12. Review your KDP and CreateSpace stats
  13. Clear out an old work folder and retrieve any pages printed on one side only for re-use
  14. Look through all the old pieces of writing you’ve already rejected a dozen times for material, and reject it all again
  15. Wash out the filters on your Dyson vacuum cleaner
  16. Top up your cloakroom soap dispenser
  17. Clean out the squishy vegetables and other time-expired produce from your fridge
  18. Make another cup of coffee
  19. Take a photograph of the winter pansies outside your kitchen window, which have lately appeared, despite the combined onslaughts of urban foxes and neighbourhood felines
  20. Write a list post comprising all the things you’ve been doing for the last three hours because you couldn’t think what to write for your blog.

22 thoughts on “20 things to do when you don’t have a clue what to write for your next blog post

  1. And voila! You have a post. 🙂

    I’m finding my own trips to Facebook growing shorter and shorter. Soon I’ll spend less time on it per day than I do putting on my socks!

    1. And… Voila! 🙂

      I agree re Facebook, and have lately noticed fewer of my friends making personal contributions (as opposed, say, to sharing truisms and other endlessly circulated material).

      1. I’m starting to think mastering two social media sites is the limit. Or at least it’s my limit. My blog and Twitter are where I devote my time. The rest get neglected, but I do my best.

        1. Again, I agree… I enjoy blogging (better, when I can think of material), but find other social media tough-going – even Twitter. And there are now so many different channels, no one can devote the time necessary to them all!

  2. Perfect illustration of the process:0)). I do this same thing every time I think to go paint. I so enjoyed this post – thank you!

  3. This is my life! Full stop. On all days! I don’t even have a blog! I just spend my time wondering what to do next. And making another cup of coffee….. or tea in my case 🙂

  4. Love it! There is an art to procrastination and now with several new options (umm, excuses) to add to my repertoire I too can become a Jedi Master!

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