A big thank-you to Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Every time my blog goes bonkers, it’s because Chris Graham over at The Story Reading Ape’s Blog, has re-blogged one of my posts. I thought it was time I said thank you.

I’d been at it all daytsra-white-bg on Sunday, essentially trying to write a blog post but in reality, procrastinating like mad. Eventually the post emerged, a quirky list of… yes… what I’d been doing instead of writing a blog post. I uploaded said musings, shut down my PC and came down to the kitchen to make my tea.

As I messed around with ingredients – salmon baked in a tinfoil parcel, watercress sauce, broccoli and rice, since you ask – I could hear in the next room, my iPad dinging merrily away as my WordPress App announced a succession of readers liking or commenting on my blog. That’s nice, I thought. I have to say, it was above averagely active – a veritable melody of dings – especially for a Sunday evening. And especially for, if I’m honest, an inconsequential, albeit mildly amusing post.

Salmon baked, watercress sauce warmed through (I know, I should have made it from scratch), broccoli blobbed with butter (don’t say it… don’t), I repaired to the lounge to take a snoop at who was liking my Peevish Procrastination Post.

What greeted me was unexpected, but wholly delightful.

It turns out that round about the same moment that I’d uploaded my list of procrastinations, the lovely Chris Graham over at Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog had re-blogged a post of mine from a couple of weeks ago – Ten Top Tips to Instantly Improve Your Writing. The surge in hits and that concerto of dings was all down to the readers which Chris had so very kindly pointed in my direction.

If you haven’t come across Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog before, I recommend you take a look. It is a veritable cornucopia of writerly musings, humour, advice and great material about books, authors, the world at large and reading in general. Chris scours the blogosphere seeking out posts he thinks his rapidly expanding readership will enjoy, and he’s a great supporter of indie authors.

When he picks a post of yours, stand by for a busy few hours! I like to respond to every comment on my blog and that’s not usually a particularly demanding commitment. But when you get a re-blog from Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog, things go a bit crazy – in a good way. I had fun, responding to comments from new readers, and it was wonderful to see new subscribers sign on too. I had to cut the sound on my iPad and go dark for an hour for Poldark (as any warm-blooded woman would, you understand, don’t you?) – but I was back later and again this morning, to enjoy the blogging conversation with more visitors from Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog.

Apart from the two occasions when I’ve been fortunate enough to be Freshly Pressed courtesy of the team at WordPress (another post on editing, strangely enough, and one on Marmite and sex – oh, just check it out, you know you want to), The Story Reading Ape’s blog has been responsible for the biggest surges in hits and subscribers to A Writer’s Notepad, since I began blogging.

So, this post is the least I can do, in offering a big thank-you to Chris, and an urging that you check out The Story Reading Ape’s most diverse and engaging Blog for yourself.

42 thoughts on “A big thank-you to Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

    1. … or as hairy, if the photos I’ve see are accurate! LOL!

      Joking aside, Chris has helped me so much to get my name and personal story out there that the word ‘gratitude’ falls short by a million miles.

      1. That’s brilliant – and isn’t it a small world, this blogging community. That you and I first knew one another so many years ago, and now here we are, continents apart, but with writing, and blogging friends in common 🙂

        1. I know! Don’t you wish we’d both taken the plunge to publish years ago, Jools? I’m so glad Bob Ford led us to reconnect. I think that we both have experience and ammo under our belts that will enable us to succeed! I loved the ‘look inside’ section of your book and can already see I’d love to read it, so as soon as my narration schedule has calmed down a bit I will get it and write you a review. Think about getting it turned into an audio book – I’d be one of the first to audition!

          1. I too wish I’d realised how much I enjoyed writing years ago – by now I might be on my third or fourth! I’m seriously contemplating audio, as I’m a big fan of audiobooks myself. I need to look into how to go about it (I know Amazon makes it much easier than one might expect). If I do decide to take the plunge, I’d be delighted if you would audition.

    1. And thank you too! I guess I’m not properly au fait with the arrangement – I’m delighted that you, and TSRA, have found things to enjoy and circulate in my writerly ramblings 🙂

  1. Reblogged this on Tricia Drammeh and commented:
    So many authors and bloggers owe Chris the Story Reading Ape bunches of bananas of gratitude. Not only does he introduce us to interesting and informative new blogs, he also gives many blogs a boost. Thank you, Chris, for everything you do. And thank you, Julie, for this excellent tribute to the Story Reading Ape.

    1. Hi, and very many thanks for reblogging this post – I really appreciate when other bloggers choose to share reblogs with their own readership

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