Ten Terrific Things about This Morning #HappyFriday

sun-332141_1280 (3)There is pleasure and gratitude in the smallest of things…

  1. Of course… the solar eclipse – moving and elemental, even though in London it all went on above blanket cloud cover. It got a bit gloomy, then it brightened up again, but we all got very excited anyway
  2. It’s healthcheck time – despite the tonne of extra padding clinging to my midriff, all the important numbers still showed up on the right side of ‘normal’ – Phew!
  3. Depositing a cheque refunding my old car tax – getting money back from the Government always feels great
  4. A treat to self – a Costa Coffee Flat White and a toastie in a comfy chair by the window, with a new book…
  5. And the new book is… Floodline, by Kathryn Heyman
  6. No queue at the Post Office. Not even one person. How often do you get in and out of a post office in under 5 minutes?
  7. Buying flowers for my mother from my friend and favourite florist Jules at Flowerworks Uxbridge
  8. Discovering a yummy-scrumptious new snack: M&S Salt & Pepper Kale Crisps coated in cashew butter – but oh… oh… oh… at £2 a pop, the price isn’t right! Now, if I can only figure out how to make these myself
  9. Getting back to the car with 3 minutes to spare before my time ran out – one of life’s little triumphs
  10. Royalties!!! From Amazon CreateSpace – received with joy, and a great big thank-you to all the wonderful people who bought a paperback copy of Singled Out during February.

What… you mean you haven’t bought your copy of Singled Out yet? What are you waiting for?

Here’s where you can find it 😉

Author: Jools

Abundant, Bold, Confident, Determined, Empathetic, Forthright, Grumpy, Healthier, Individual, Just me, Kind, Loving, Mellifluous, Natural, Optimistic, imPatient, Quirky, Real-world, Single-minded, unTreatable, Unwound, Verbal, Wilful, eXtraordinary, Young and old, Zero-tolerance.

6 thoughts on “Ten Terrific Things about This Morning #HappyFriday”

    1. Ha! Maybe these yummies don’t translate into American 🙂
      Flat white: coffee made with milk, topped with a ‘flat’ layer of whippy crema.
      A toastie: what else could this be, but a toasted sandwich! In this case, stuffed with melted cheese, sausage and caramelised onions.
      However, I see your point… Food items they may be, but these are comforters indeed 🙂

      1. I wonder what American cuisine stumps foreigners? Probably just our general reliance on cheese to blanket everything–including pie–would suffice.

        1. I used to visit Georgia quite a bit, and I was stumped by ‘Hush Puppies’. In the UK, these are (were?) soft shoes for men of advancing years. The restaurant offering these delicacies on their menu described them as “dough balls fried in grease”, which did nothing to increase their appeal, since ‘grease’ is what we here in the UK use to lubricate car engines!

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