Five Things to do with Today’s Extra Hour

2015-10-25 15.54.40

The clocks went back last night in the UK, treating us to an extra hour. But what to do? What to do with it? Here are a few ideas – not including having a lie-in – based on what this procrastinating writer has been getting up to today.

  1. Go for an early walk round the park, kick through the damp leaves and smell the morning dew. (I’m feeling virtuous, can’t you tell?). Say ‘hello’ to everyone you pass and draw no confidence-sapping conclusions from the fact that the only person to totally ignore you is the 30-something, tight-t-shirted hottie, preoccupied by his smartphone.
  2. Read a big chunk of book (radical for a writer, eh?). Finish one book, begin another. Chain-reading, with but the briefest interval to top up the coffee pot.
  3. Catch up with last night’s #Strictly and waste no energy feeling guilty that at the age of, oh, 50-mumble, the one you’ve got your eye on is the ex-boy-band member.
  4. Write a really, really serious blog post about a seriously personal subject and then realise you can’t possibly post it. Gah!
  5. Cook-up a big, blippy pot of autumn yumminess with mince and mushrooms and tomatoes and sweetcorn and a garlic-laden, gloopy gravy (countdown to consumption – 30 mins).

So what did you do with your extra hour?

12 thoughts on “Five Things to do with Today’s Extra Hour

  1. Thank goodness I slept right through it, Julie. However, it was lovely to wake up this morning and it was light outside. No so nice that it is almost 5pm and it’s getting dark. However, I don’t mind warm cosy nights in (especially if a bottle of red wine and chocolate are involved).

    1. Winter comes hot on the heels of the clock-change, but I too enjoy cosy evenings at home. My accompaniments revolve around bowls of soup and a glowing fire in the grate. Lovely to hear from you, Hugh. 😊

    1. Ha! Yes… I wondered if the title might startle one or of my transatlantic readers. That’s why I mentioned the UK in the first line! 😉

  2. Spent it staying up to the very wee hours of the morning, pinning, glueing and welding foam together to form a warrior’s helmet, knitting to form straps for armour, and trying not to shout at my son who needed them for 8am in the morning, to go in fancy dress to Comic Con. So lost the hour before I even gained it. 😦

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