Morning after the night before…

This morning, with Halloween behind us, spiders have colonised my local park. Eerie, but strangely beautiful.

2015-11-01 08.01.23

2015-11-01 08.06.562015-11-01 08.06.412015-11-01 08.19.282015-11-01 08.23.102015-11-01 08.32.052015-11-01 08.36.32

Author: Jools

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12 thoughts on “Morning after the night before…”

  1. Beautiful photos! Did you take those, Jools?

    I remember back to when I was 11 and got to school early on one November day. The sports field was covered in webs, glittering like a billion diamonds in the light shining through the early morning mist. I’ve never been a fan of spiders but I laid down on the damp ground and reveled in the sight of the magical gossamer fabric stretching away to infinity all around me.

    Thanks for reminding me of that, my friend!

    1. I did! Just this morning, in the park, me and my smartphone. 🙂 I can’t abide spiders in the house but I love to see those webs – outside – heavy with morning dew and so, so beautiful. If find it extraordinary when nature reminds us just how very many critters there are lurking around us all the time!

  2. Your photography is creepily beautiful. I’m afraid I can’t ‘like’ spiders, but I will admire your ability to get up close to them with a camera without dropping it and running, screaming for the nearest chair to climb on. Really not a fan of arachnids.

    1. I think I must be a bit weird really. I can’t stand spiders in my home, but outside, where there belong, I don’t have a problem. I still wouldn’t touch one, but I can get up-close-and-personal with a cobweb – outside – and just appreciate its fragile beauty.

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