Fat Girl Slim (eventually)

Breakfast at Denny's, January 2015. I know... I know...
Breakfast at Denny’s, January 2015. I know… I know…

These are my achievements in 2015:

  • I published my first novel
  • I kicked a lifelong sugar habit into touch
  • I have lost 35 surplus pounds (so far…)

The novel, Singled Out, came out in February and has sold modestly, as self-published novels are wont to do, but received some amazing reviews. Thank you, hugely, to all those readers who took the time and trouble to give their feedback so positively this year on Amazon and Goodreads.

Kicking the sugar habit began in September and was a gradual thing, no ‘cold turkey’ for me. But I’m confident I’ve now succeeded in eliminating all but the very occasional appearance of added sugar in one or two sneaky little places.  I’m going to blog on this in coming days because whether you’re overweight like I am or not, you should probably be consuming less sugar.

The serious attack on my surplus poundage also began in September, and at an average of just over 2lbs a week, I’m deliriously happy, quite beside myself, at this initial, steady and sustainable success. I’d chosen to believe for so long that as a middle-aged and largely sedentary woman, I was stuck with my wraparound flab for life. No so, it seems. But there is some distance yet to be travelled.

Regular readers will know I’ve been blogging for a while about the experience of writing fiction and navigating today’s publishing landscape. Then I started slipping in a few posts relating to Singled Out – the ups and downs of being single, Turkey, foodie matters and the psycho-side of life.

Now with my sights set on maintaining my new healthier lifestyle into 2016 and continuing to offload unwanted pounds, I’ll be blogging about my experience of turning around a lethargic, sugar-laden, poke-and-ping mindset and offering a few thoughts on the way the world at large is chewing over what it has branded “The Obesity Epidemic”.

When I sat down to think up a few topics, it took me about five minutes to get to 40. That surprised even me, especially since I’ve been struggling for months to think of what to write… about writing.

So this is not a blog about writing any more – at least for now. But I do hope you’ll stick with me through 2016 though, as it turns out I have a bit to say about the experience of developing positive addictions to healthy lifestyle habits, being overweight and losing it, and the whole horrible obesity debate.

I can’t be too triumphalist about it, because take a glance at the picture above (on holiday in Florida, a year ago and several months before the fun-and-games began) and you’ll realise that even 35lbs down, I still have a tonnage to deal with. But I’ve learnt some valuable lessons and changed some important things in the last four months; which means I can with reasonable confidence say that whilst this is neither the end, nor the beginning of the end, it is perhaps the end of the beginning.

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28 thoughts on “Fat Girl Slim (eventually)”

  1. What a great and inspiring story of your year 2015. I’m sure that 2016 will offer many more noteworthy experiences and I look forward to more news on kicking the sugar habit. Best of everything for the new year.

    1. Oh Perry, that’s lovely of you – thank you. I have to go with what matters to me. And for the last few months it’s all been about taking my health in hand. So glad you’re still with me and it’s great to hear from you! 😊

    1. Thank you, Wendy… Though it’s clear from all those Star Trek pics that you know what you’re doing on the healthy weight front! So glad you’re still with me. 😊

    1. Thank you… It’s been a long time coming, with several false starts, but this time – I can’t really explain it better than this – feels ‘real’.

      1. I understand what you mean as I started a weight loss plan (or really a health plan) a year ago and something clicked within me that it would be permanent. So far. So good. Keep at yours. It is worth it. 🙂

        1. You’re right – it’s a healthy lifestyle plan first, a weight loss plan second. I know ‘dieting’ has never clicked like this with me before. And well done to you too!

  2. Congratulations on your positive changes. I’m so impressed about the sugar–that’s still a hard one for me. I enjoy my treats. I’m not sure I could cut it cold turkey, but I could do better about cutting it out gradually like you did. Christmas season certainly didn’t help…

    You know I’ll look forward to your posts. Best of luck with the new blog direction!

    1. Thank you so much, Carrie – I know you understand what a big thing this is for me. I’ve ditched the sugar once before, lasted 3-4 months, but let ‘occasional treats’ drag me back. This time, I know better! I eat fruit, of course, and I think there are odd grams of sugar or honey in the occasional pre-made dressing etc, but tiny amounts only. The big thing is avoiding all deserts, baked goods, confectionary. And my taste for sugar has gone already. No cravings! 😊

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