An Easy Squeezy Three Day ‘Detox’

2015-09-10 09.50.07 copyI should begin by saying that I don’t, strictly speaking, believe in detox. I’m pretty comfortable with my own body’s everyday capabilities in that department.  It is, after all, what the liver, kidneys and miles of intestine were invented for.

However, I was persuaded to try this simple and non-extreme set of guidelines for revitalising and rebalancing, by my Vitality Coach (great to have support when you’re making big changes). Having found it perfectly doable, and seen benefits even over a short period, it’s become a regular monthly thing.

So here it is.  For just three days:

On rising:

  • Begin each day with a diaphragmatic breathing exercise: 10-15 deep and slow in/out breaths
  • Drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice, ginger and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt
  • Get the day moving – a minimum 10-15 minutes walk, ideally longer. But if all you do is 10 minutes, definitely do a longer walk later in the day.

Each evening:

  • Spend 10 minutes in an ‘inversion’ position – that is, legs higher than heart.  Fear not, you don’t have to be upside-down! If you do Yoga or Pilates, you’ll know exercises which fit the bill.

Food guidelines:

  • Exclude all wheat and wheat products (ie, bread, crackers, pasta)
  • Exclude all added sugar (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?)
  • Exclude all milk products (ie milk, cheese, butter) except for natural yoghurt (because we like friendly bacteria)
  • Exclude all alcohol (sorry!)
  • Replace any poultry or other meat with fish
  • Eat any fruit before, rather than after, a meal
  • Drink plenty of water.

There. I have found this surprisingly easy as I don’t drink much alcohol anyway, and I’ve already eliminated added sugar from my diet.  The first time I tried it, back in early November, I lost 4lb in the three days. More significantly for me, my ankles, which had been oedemic for the whole of the summer (think swollen, water-filled balloons), deflated, and the problem and discomfort has not returned. I have normal ankles again – a cause for much alcohol-free celebration!

I did the detox again in early December and with the turn of the year comes the perfect opportunity for another run at it.

That first three-day detox also led to me cutting back quite a bit on wheat.  Whilst I don’t believe myself to be ‘intolerant’ of wheat, I’ve certainly noticed I feel more comfortable having reduced the amount I eat. I do enjoy the odd ‘healthy’ cracker (my favourites, for UK readers are NoNo with sesame, Ryvita with pumpkin seeds and Rude Health multigrain crackers), but I rarely eat bread or pasta these days, and I haven’t missed either. That surprised me as before, I would eat toast every day and pasta several times a week, especially in winter.

I realise people with an alcohol or sugar habit will find this harder than I did – but then, they might see even more positive outcomes. It is just for three days, and in January many people focus on eliminating the boozy and sugary treats in which they’ve over-indulged across the festive season.

I’m not a medical person, so let’s be clear, I’m not offering anybody any advice. But for me this regimen, over three short days, feels vibrant and healthy. I think it could be a great way to rebalance after a period of excess, and I’ve certainly found it a valuable point of refocus within a longer dietary journey.

Author: Jools

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16 thoughts on “An Easy Squeezy Three Day ‘Detox’”

  1. Happy New Year Julie! As always, loving your blog posts and I am looking forward to ‘following’ you on this new journey.
    I happened to read this post first thing this morning before I put sugar in my coffee, and after reading it I felt inspired to make some little changes too. So, ‘back to black’ as Amy Winehouse said many years ago (although I’m pretty sure she wasn’t talking about coffee!).
    We have done the ‘no gluten’ thing along the way too and found we just feel better overall even though neither of us have a gluten allergy or even an intolerance. But, all those little tweaks and adjustments to diet and fitness add up to lots of feel good results!
    Good luck staying on track with your goals. We will be cheering for you from across the pond!
    Wishing you great health and happiness in the coming year.
    Love, Cynthia and Steve

    1. Happy New Year to you both too – how lovely to hear from you here on the Blog, Cynthia! I’m delighted you’ve been inspired to make one or two little changes as a result of reading my blog. As two of the healthiest, most vital and active people I’ve ever known, there’s a massive but positive irony there! But I guess even the healthiest lifestyle drifts every now and again 😉

      I will surely write more about this in due course, but I’ve already found myself feeling so much better for all the changes – increasing exercise and adjusting numerous questionable food habits. Not just the weight loss either – but a real sense of energy and positivity that I haven’t felt for some time.

      As two people I very much admire for your committed healthy lifestyle, I will really enjoy any feedback you have on my blog posts into 2016. Meantime, all health, happiness and vitality to you both in the coming year! Ixx

    1. I can’t say I like it, but trial-and-error has got me to a taste I can tolerate. I wouldn’t much m like to drink warm water, lemon and ginger every day, though it’s recommended all over the place, but as part of the 3-day thing, I can cope with it. I might try to retain it as a good habit… might… but it’s not a favourite.

    1. Thank you Emily! I’ve had a bit of a disrupted Christmas this year, but the upside was that I didn’t get that much opportunity to over-indulge. Every cloud …

  2. Good idea. I have my own ‘detox’ which I will try to follow most of January and it entails leaving out the indulgences for a month, although for a few days I also leave out alcohol and added fats and oils. I do not each sugar anyway, never have really. Whichever ‘detax’ is done I think it a fantastic idea to recognize that we need to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle.

    1. I think a ‘detox’, even a short one, is a great way to refocus. And with the festive season being so heavy on the indulgences, January is the ideal time for it!

  3. I like this Detox… It is strict enough that will make a difference but not so strict that you wouldn’t be able to do it… definitely trying it for my next detox

    1. It is a nice one – but I guess it’s tougher for those who drink more alcohol than I do, or eat a lot of sugar and bread/pasta. But that’s the point, I suppose – to clean out and refresh. The thing I miss most of all on this regime is my regular (although very modest these days) fix of cheese!

      1. I love cheese…. and I do like a few drinks at the weekend… so I really think I need to cut that out for awhile… I tend to go for beer and just feel awful afterwards

        1. Some people take a ‘dry January’ approach, giving up alcohol for the month, after an indulgent festive season. I guess you need to connect with that ‘feel awful afterwards’ feeling to help you cut out what you want to cut out. Good luck! 🙂

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