The Bloggers Bash 2016

Suzie won the Best Overall Blog Award at our (now) Annual Bloggers Bash over the weekend. This is her top account of the day. By some kind of a fluke, Suzie also managed just about the nicest photo of yours-truly alongside her goodself, that anyone has taken in years and years, and years… for which I owe a debt of gratitude of quite absurd proportions.

Suzie Speaks

The Bloggers Bash. I’d been organised for months. The Bloke and I decided to turn the event into a long weekend away, so we arrived the day before and had a ‘Bloke and Suzie’s Day of Exploring London.’ Consequently, on Saturday morning I was knackered, but a combination of nerves and excitement meant that I had been awake for hours. The Bloke went off with his camera for the day and despite the fact I had already worked out my make-up and hair look, by the time Steve (Steve Says) arrived at the hotel to meet me for brunch I still wasn’t ready. And, I realised, I was wearing the exact same outfit as the year before.

Me and Steve, after i had managed to sort out my hair and make-up... Me and Steve, after i had managed to sort out my hair and make-up…

Dammit. It’s a good job that my readers don’t rely on me for fashion advice…

My hotel was…

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Author: Jools

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3 thoughts on “The Bloggers Bash 2016”

  1. You will never know… unless I tell you, how sad I was to not be there. I knew it would be fantastic fun I will be there by hook or by barge next year… I have to say I am disappointed not to see a photo though. p.s. just returned from un movable family stuff, which included some making of memories that I will forever be glad I had.

    1. Ellen, I missed you! It would have been lovely to meet there, and as you will have seen from all the posts, it was a terrific day. But there are plenty of photos – just not from me! Check out #BloggersBash on Twitter. Turns out, I made it into couple of pics – mainly back-view, firing up my little pocket fan in pursuit of internal temperature control. But there is a proper pic, as Suzie of took one of us both, right at the end of the day. You’ll need to click through to her full account. Are you part of the Bloggers Bash FaceBook group? There are loads of photos on there too.

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