A Bumpy Ride #weightloss


I’ve made it to my latest mini-milestone – I finally got to 60 pounds’ weight loss.  But that last four pounds has been very slow to shift. And tough too; a real bumpy ride.

I got to my last mini-milestone (56 pounds/four stone loss) on 1st May.  Thrilled, I re-set my Fitbit goal to the next marker, just four pounds further down the scales, and that enticing round number – 60 pounds. I figured it would take me maybe three weeks, four at the outside, to crush those little babies.

2016-06-17 06.58.08But I’ve been thrown about since then – up a bit, down a bit; tantalisingly close one minute (ten whole days ago!) and then, like a wartime bouncing bomb, soaring back up the scales, out of reach and frustrated beyond all reason. You can see, can’t you?

But yesterday I had reason to break all my usual habits. I had to go into Central London very early to attend a client event. I missed my morning walk.  I missed my usual breakfast. Instead I teetered (high heels, friends) into a branch of Pure in Moorgate and treated myself to a tub of scrambled egg and mushrooms, accompanied by an astoundingly good smoothie made from kale, spinach, avocado, orange, apple and mint. Lunch was laid on – but fifteen platters of sandwiches, rolls and wraps offered scant choice for little low-carb me, so I necked an obscene amount of black coffee instead and breathed through the hunger.  It subsided soon enough. When I got home, I made a giant fresh salad, topped with prawns and chorizo sautéed in coconut oil and garlic.  Happy days.   All this, it seems, was just enough to make that last stubborn pound surrender, and this morning… my scales gave me the best news.

Seven weeks it’s taken. SEVEN. Gah!

Oh, I know. I’ll probably have bounced right back up again after today. But I’m going to bask in my latest success for a few hours longer. I’ve already recalibrated my Fitbit app to the next mini-milestone, just six pounds away (the 30 kilo weight-loss mark, for those of you who work in new money).

I wrote about mini-milestones a while back, and they continue to inspire my progress.  Most of them are between five and ten pounds apart, which means that with a following wind, I get to celebrate (in a non-food kind of a way) every few weeks. When you have a BIG weight-loss goal, in three figures, (mine is somewhere between 100-130 pounds, depending on how I feel when I get a little closer), those mini-milestones are precious indeed.

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36 thoughts on “A Bumpy Ride #weightloss”

  1. I find your weight loss journey so inspiring – stay strong! I really want to get Fitbit – are they any good?

    1. I really like my Fitbit, and it’s helped me a lot. I got the Zip, the small one which is basically a glorified pedometer – lower cost than the wrist-based versions. It’s a great place to start. I’d recommend it, really good for helping you get focused.

      I’m so glad you’re inspired by my weight-loss experience. That’s been an amazing added bonus for me, that people are encouraged by someone else’s success. It spurs me on. 😊

      1. I’m wanting to join the gym – not to lose weight, but to tone up and stay fit. Losing weight is not only a physical thing, but helps mentally too. I’ll be waving your flag, Julie!!!! 🙂

        1. Thank you! Gyms can be great for motivation too. Go for it – you only get one body and it’s best not to leave it too late to look after it 😀

    1. Thanks, Sherri! That salad was good too…. mostly prawns, but a few nuggets of chorizo for a bit of bite! I was a bit afraid how the coconut oil would behave (just getting into it), but it turned out just fine.

      1. I don’t like coconut so I’ve avoided the craze, but weirdly I do like Thai food which I know uses a lot of coconut, but the way all the flavours are blended makes it work for me. It’s good that the oil behaved for you…perhaps I’ll be brave and try it now. I’ll let you know!

        1. Coconut oil does have a slight smell – not as overpowering as you might imagine – but the taste doesn’t much infiltrate the food. Worth trying, but if you can ‘borrow’ a tablespoon or two from a willing friend, it might save you investing in a costly jar of the stuff, only to find it’s not for you!

    1. Thanks, Ellen! The trouble with coconut oil is that it’s not a totally tasteless, smell-less product. If you like coconut, as I do, that’s not a problem. But if you want to try it out, as it comes in big tubs/jars, it could be a costly mistake. However… if you don’t like it for cooking, I’ve been given a great ‘recipe’ for a natural exfoliant, which uses coconut oil, porridge oats and a big spoonful of… brown sugar! It wasn’t for me, as I don’t much like sandpapering off my dead skin cells. But it’s a great way to use up that unwanted sweet-stuff!

    1. Just keeping on keeping on… Sometimes we need to change it up a bit, to wake up the weight-loss. The hard part is not losing heart, but I’ve been at this for almost a year already, so I’ve learnt a bit about plateaus along the way. Thanks for joining the conversation, Shelley.

  2. Bam! Good for you! You have made an outstanding feat and Im proud! You have been through what most of us cant make ourselves do!


    1. Thank you Katie! I’ve struggled with this for years – so I know what failure feels like. But this feels like … my time to thrive. That’s the message I’m giving myself, and I think it’s working! We all know it’s not easy – but when is anything worth having, easy?

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