It’s all relative #weightloss #sizematters

I’ve realised lately that I’ve lost touch with what size I am – but in a good way.

2016-08-11 16.54.48I ordered some workout gear from Marks & Spencer online the other week. That in itself is quite an achievement, as it wasn’t that long ago that nothing in M&S fitted me.  When my purchases arrived, I realised I’d ordered them in a size too large. As I pulled them on, they gaped around the neckline and sagged across the shoulders.

I was thrilled.

So on Wednesday, I walked (walked!) into town to exchange for a smaller size. I browsed too, and found some more tops and t-shirts I couldn’t live without.  But I wasn’t convinced that my need for a smaller size in those online purchases wasn’t just a fluke, so I went to the changing room with everything in two different sizes. And then my happiness was complete, because in every case, it was the smaller size I needed.

I realise that being a size 16 (that’s a US size 14, by the way) isn’t something that everyone would be proud of.  There was a time that I was horrified to be a size 16 – but then that was over three decades ago. At the time, I hit size 16 on the way up from a modest size 12, through 14.  At that time, in my early twenties, size 16 felt enormous and disastrous, and I felt positively gross.

This time around is an entirely different matter. To have come down from size 26/28 (at that size, they don’t even bother to separate out the two sizes – if you get that big, you’re not supposed to care), through 24, 22, 20, and even 18… to the point where that bright little yellow ‘size 16’ tag dangles from the garments that fit you.  Well, it’s… huge.

Even though my weight-loss has slowed, the journey continues and my body is still changing shape, sucking in here and there, from my ankles and knees to my thighs, waistline and even my neck. I fancy even my bingo-wings are a little less… flappy.  So even though the scales have confounded me, this has been an uplifting week.  Onwards and downwards – next stop, size 14. Then I really will feel properly normal again.

I lugged my haul of size 16’s to the counter. I came away with more than I intended (what can I say – it’s a girl thing); a heavy bag, but a light, fluttering spirit.

I’ll be taking a break for a couple of weeks as the online universe has gone very quiet in the silly season. But look out for my next post on 26th August – that’s the anniversary of the day I started on this healthy lifestyle weight-lossy business.

Author: Jools

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27 thoughts on “It’s all relative #weightloss #sizematters”

    1. Thank you, Dannie! It’s always so lovely to hear from people who read my blog too – a big encouragement to me, to keep on going (with the blog, and the weight-lossy stuff!).

    1. I’m not following a particular diet, but have focussed on adjusting my eating and activity levels for a much healthier lifestyle. From a food perspective, that’s very broadly, although not strictly LCHF. Key changes have been:

      – Going added-sugar-free – no desserts, confectionary, sweet-treats, cakes, biscuits; no processed food containing any version of sweetener (sugar, honey, agave, fructose etc)
      – Minimising my intake of simple carbs (white rice, potato, pasta, bread)
      – Eating more green veg than I’ve ever eaten in my life before!
      – Including healthy fats from nuts, seeds, oily fish, avocado etc

      I don’t drink alcohol very often, but I haven’t cut it out. I still eat butter, although not eating bread, I don’t consume very much of it. I do eat cheese – probably too much! Those are the key points, and they’ve worked for me. What’s more important is that it’s a set of changes that I am comfortable with in the long-term.

    1. Thanks Carrie! It’ll be a whole year in just about two weeks’ time – still a way to go yet with the weight loss, but the rewards are already enormous! I hope to be uploading some ‘work in progress’ photographs with my ‘one year’ post.

  1. I love reading about your progress! It is just so inspiring, and I commend you on having the discipline and single-mindedness that is allowing you to achieve your goal. Can you please bottle that up and ship it here? XOXO 😊

  2. I am glad to hear the weight-loss continues, that you have gone down in dress sizes AND that you feel great about yourself. I recently bought some new outfits for myself too. It certainly does feel great to get into the smaller sizes.

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