I’ve been D-Toxd! #healthy #retreat #juiced


I was away last week – did you miss me? I went to Spain, to a beautiful healthy retreat up in the hills over the town of Calpe.  Check out D-Toxd here.

D-Toxd is a very level-headed Body|Mind|Life experience; not spiritual, but very contemplative, and very real; a well thought-out and balanced blend of juicing, healthy meals, walking, exercise classes, yoga, creativity time, motivational talks, mindset sessions and practical advice. Nobody corrals you into participation – you do only what you want to do.  I spent plenty of time reading by the pool, swimming and even catching up on sleep.  I’m not a big fan of yoga so I dropped out of a few sessions. I also… um… bypassed… the available colonic treatment, but I found time for a blissful Ayurvedic Massage.

Drinking my greens
Drinking my greens


Ah, the juicy detox experience. I’ve juiced intensively before, courtesy of a Jason Vale retreat in Turkey several years ago, so I knew what to expect of the detox element and I knew I wouldn’t be hungry.  Three days of juicing is a wonderful way to flush out – as it were – your internals. And it clears your head as much as it evacuates your intestines.  On day two I suffered an hour or so of caffeine withdrawal headache, which is quite normal apparently; but that was the worst of it. We were treated to a rainbow of juices, and always a choice between a sweeter/fruitier option and a less sweet version with the emphasis on the vegetables. Every vegetable imaginable, and plenty of fruit, found its way into five juices a day, along with ginger, milled flaxseed, bee pollen, fresh mint and more. My body rejoiced!

A rainbow of nourishment

After three days of wonderful, vibrant juices, and three days of colourful and delicious vegetarian meals, the holiday rounded off with a celebratory fiesta meal and both the first meat, and the first (and only) alcohol of the week.  A grand time was enjoyed by all.

The Social Introvert (with the sensitive skin) goes Walkabout

An aside: I’m not generally shy, and I don’t lack confidence; I interact perfectly comfortably with friends and strangers alike. But I learned long ago that I’m some kind of introvert – I restore my energy by withdrawing, and being by myself. I only became aware more recently that there’s a name for people like me – we are social introverts. That means that whilst we’re cool with social situations and groups, we gain our energy from within ourselves. We love people – but we need solitude too.

Yours truly doing the early-morning no make-up no hairdryer wonky baseball cap selfie thing
Yours truly, doing the early-morning no make-up no hairdryer wonky baseball cap solo selfie thing

A week in the company of a group of like-minded people is very enjoyable on many levels, but it can be a little challenging for the social introvert. As the days pass, I seem to notice noise and chatter, more and more – it’s like the volume gets turned up in my head. Sooner or later when this happens, I have to listen to my protesting psyche and seek solitude.

And something else… The combination of 32-degree scorch, sun, sea-breeze, sweat and suntan oil on the mid-morning walks had been a little harsh on my English Rose complexion.  By midweek my face was puckered, sensitive and overheating.

So it was, for those two reasons, that for the last couple of days, I pulled out of the big walks and instead trundled off for a stroll (along the only path I could be certain I could follow there and back) at 07:30 in the morning, just as the sun began to peek over the hilltops.  This served both my tortured flesh and my solitude-seeking introvert.

Vineyards and olive groves in the early morning
Vineyards and olive groves in the early morning
My early morning walk, the retreat and pink-tinged mountains behind
The retreat at sunrise,  pink-tinged mountains behind
I've always wanted longer legs
I’ve always wanted longer legs

Those quiet early-morning strolls in the cool air, accompanied by nothing more than birdsong and the hum of waking insects, were blissful.

Refresh | Recharge | Refocus

I’d booked D-Toxd to coincide with the first anniversary of my not-so-new healthy lifestyle, and I envisaged it being of value in refocusing me and strengthening my resolve as I continued into my second weight-loss year.  It did the job magnificently.

It served to remind me why I had embarked on this path at the end of August 2015, and how far I’ve already come. It helped to jog me out of a few lazy habits which have crept in over recent weeks, and energise my attitude.  And (woo hoo!) the juices, salads and regular exercise nudged my system into releasing an additional four pounds – taking me over my next big milestone (70 pounds / 5 stone and 25% of my starting weight – gone).

All in all, it was exactly what I needed.

The D-Toxd Philosophy
The D-Toxd Manifesto

Gareth, Jeroen, Louise and the rest of the D-Toxd team go out of their way to deliver a multi-dimensional health and vitality retreat experience, with care and sensitivity.  Their philosophy is worth sharing – see the poster which adorns their wall.  They walk their talk, and D-Toxd has bucket-loads of integrity and passion as a result.  I could not recommend it any more highly.

Just another sublime sunrise

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18 thoughts on “I’ve been D-Toxd! #healthy #retreat #juiced”

  1. This sounds so wonderful, Julie – I would have loved it. And I learned that I, too, am a ‘social introvert!’ Never knew where I fit in before. 🙂 BTW, you look fabulous and really happy in your selfie!

    1. Thanks Eliza! It was a beautiful place to stay, and a very positive and inspirational week all round. And yes, when I learned of the ‘social introvert’ I recognised myself immediately too!

  2. Wonderful as always! I felt healthier just reading your thoughts 😊. I am going to look into this as a retreat for Steve and me as it appears to have all the elements necessary for a mentally and physically healthy gift for one’s self.
    Me too on that social introvert…the social part having evolved over time. I didn’t have that trait when younger but I do appreciate the balance that those two characteristics being to my life.

    1. You’d love it! If you book, don’t forget to (1) tell them I sent you and (2) let me know the dates so I can book too! (If you can bear the company 😉)

  3. Another Social Introvert signing in – just out of interest, did you discover this from a Myers Briggs test? Many congratulations on hitting your 5 stone goal, that is so impressive – very well you. The retreat sounds lovely, I much look into the juicing a bit more, as not sure a ‘super green’ in Wagamamas counts! All the best, Brian

    1. Strangely, no. The last time I did Myers Briggs was when I worked in Sales and was busy twisting myself all out of shape in an attempt to ‘force’ myself to be the Extravert. I know they say you can’t fudge these things, but believe me, if you want to believe something of yourself enough, it shows up in your responses!

      Thanks for your encouragement Brian. And it is a great feeling to reach that big (but interim) goal. I’ve never lost this much weight before, and I’m excited by how different my body feels, and how differently I feel, mentally and emotionally too. But it’s a way-station only (no pun intended) – the journey goes on.

      I recommend D-Toxd to anyone grappling with weight loss, particularly from a mindset position. And, wherever you are on the journey, there’s something special about that juice/detox experience – not only for your body, but for your mind too.

      1. Certainly concur regarding Myers Briggs – if done well, I do think it can be a useful tool, but if not it can be somewhat negative – back in my corporate days I was once described as ‘socially inept’ in a personal development course, which clearly did wonders for my confidence!

        Your 5 stone loss is such a fabulous achievement , you must feel so good in all regards. Well done again and thank you for helping others with your blog, I have been recommending it to various friends who are on a similar journey.

        1. Wow… ‘socially inept’ is brutal!! I wonder sometimes if people realise the damaging impact of that kind of feedback. At the age of, I believe, 6, I was described as having ‘a tendency to be officious’. It has never been forgotten in our household, and not always good-naturedly. It returned time and again to haunt my childhood.

          I can vouch for how different you feel when you’ve lost 5 stone. I went to D-Toxt with a suitcase weighing 16 kilo, and I realised that I’ve lost just 1 kilo short of TWO such suitcases. As I lumbered my sole case on and off the baggage carousels, that was sobering indeed.

          Thanks so much for recommending my blog. It’s the encouragement of people like you, that keeps me fired up and motivated to stay on track. My next milestone is just 5 pounds away, when I look forward to waving a not-so-fond farewell to the next big round ‘stone’ marker Progress is slow, steady but definitely in the right direction.

          1. I am always amazed at how so called personal development professionals can label folks with some pretty harsh tags. The ‘socially inept’ label resulted in work colleagues inviting me to lunch, with the added comment of ‘or would you prefer lunch under your desk’. Having said that I have enjoyed a lot of the corporate training courses over the years and found quite a few pretty useful.

            A description of someone as young as 6 as officious does sound overly harsh and ill considered – was that a teacher I wonder.

            Anyhow, onwards and upwards for both of us know. It incredible when you notice just how much weight we are carrying around prior to losing it.
            Keep up the good work. Brian

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