The Last Day Of A Life Changing Year

I don’t often reblog, but this is worth a read. I met Cheryl at D-Toxd in Spain back in September, and learned a little of her weight-loss experience. She’d taken the bold step of installing herself at this wonderful healthy lifestyle retreat for a year (working her passage!) to change her life. And change it, she did. Well done Cheryl, and kudos to D-Toxd for providing such a supportive environment.

D-Toxd Living : A True Health Experience


Today (OK, well yesterday, Saturday 17th December 2016) marks a very, very special day because throughout the year, we have had the pleasure of spending time with Cheryl (or Chezza as she is now known) at our Retreat.

2016, for her, was the year she wanted to D-Tox her life. She made a decision that she wanted to address her weigh but, more importantly, to deal with things that she had been struggling to deal with for many, many years.

To say that we are proud of her is a bit of an understatement because we’ve watched Chezza challenge herself to embrace every aspect of our Program.

Not only did she meet her weight loss target but she also stopped taking medication she had been on for 20 years. She no longer relies on her steroids to take care of her eczema and her asthma pump is now only used…

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