Review: “Singled Out” by Julie Lawford

I met Christoph again this year at the Bloggers Bash. He’s just published this lovely review of Singled Out, which I hope you’ll forgive me for sharing. I know it’s blowing my own trumpet, but I could use a bit of cheering up at the moment and a positive review is just the ticket. I’ve even forgiven him for getting my name wrong 🙂 [By the way… I corrected it!]


I’ve had the pleasure to meet Julie at last year’s Bloggers Bash and seeing her again this year reminded me that I still had her book on my kindle. This weekend’s sunshine provided me at last with an opportunity to indulge in this very accomplished novel.
What I’m talking about is a very well-written thriller set during a holiday trip to Turkey, catering to single holiday makers. You might immediately assume that this is chick lit territory, but that would do the character depth and writing style grave injustice. While certainly appealing to female audiences this novel doesn’t limit itself to pure light-hearted romantic interests but visits darker sides of the dating game and crime.
Using alternate narrative strands and voices we get insight into the characters, but we’re shown enough to be drawn deep into these characters.
Things are not as they seem and while you have an incling…

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10 thoughts on “Review: “Singled Out” by Julie Lawford

  1. Congratulations on a fantastic review Julie, I can’t wait to read your book! I know I’ve said that before, but I really will read it as soon as I can get my act together…and life eases up just a little… ! ❤ xxx

  2. I am in danger of sounding like a broken record (or damaged CD/interrupted streaming for all age groups), but I have said it before, your writing skills are very impressive. Your very honest, detailed use of words shows your intellect, ability to develop characters so well certainly kept me page turning and wanting more. Your choice of topic and style seemed to allow a wide audience to appreciate your work, which all impressed me. I hope Brenda has another mystery to solve at some point in the future. A fan of the book and author. All best wishes, Brian

    1. You’re very kind, Brian – thank you. I enjoy writing character-driven stories, about people who are more than they first appear, and it’s absolutely lovely when people appreciate and enjoy them. I have future plans for Brenda, a story outline, quite well formed already, but no further progress in recent months. I will do better!

      1. Glad to hear that Brenda will return in the future. No rush required, it may be a welcome distraction to help the healthy process after the tough times. All best wishes, Brian

  3. Great review of one of my favorite books. Not only a great story but the best use of vocabulary I’ve read in a long, long time. Wish I had your repertoire

  4. I saw this review on Christoph’s site. It’s great, Julie, and I’m glad you shared. You have to toot your horn and celebrate the good ones! It’s part of marketing that we writers have to endure. 😀 Cheering you on, my friend.

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