Is this a Metaphor?

So… it’s a lovely, warm autumn afternoon, and I thought I’d go out for a little stroll, just to get some air. I’d seen workmen in my local park recently, and it looked like they were laying a path.  ‘Yippee!’ I thought. They laid a path half way around the park a couple of years ago, which I’ve been enjoying several times a week. I have a nice circuit, half way round inside the park perimeter, and the other half out in the street. Now I’d be able to walk all the way around inside the park, and I wouldn’t need to go on the streets at all.  Three or four circuits would make a great little walk, and so close to home.

So I set off, in a more cheerful mood than is apparent from this picture…

The path looked interesting… promising, wouldn’t you agree?

It wound steadily downwards, following the shrubbery at the edge of the park.  Previously this area was boggy and sludgy – good for dog-walkers with wellies but not for me in my trendy, porous Skechers.

The path, I was already thinking, was an excellent addition to an already very pleasing local amenity.

Further along there are fifty yards of blackberry bushes.  I wondered if there would be anything left on them, musing that I should have brought along a tub or a bowl.  Foraged food…. nice.

But then…


It’s back to the roadway then.

20 thoughts on “Is this a Metaphor?

  1. Oh, not the road to nowhere, but the path to nowhere instead. Hope they complete it fully for you in near future, as it looks like a lovely park for a wander. Looking very cool in your shades. All the best, Brian

  2. Hahahaha!

    I think this is nature’s way of moving you gently toward more ‘wellyesque’ footwear.

    After all – porous sketchers will only take a lady so far around the park. Truly intrepid circumnavigation requires a less absorbent and more off-piste mindset. 😂

  3. I think I would take that as an invitation to blaze your own trail. But, then again, squishy shoes are a serious hazard. I ruined a very good pair of shoes hitting a trail where turning around would have been the smarter option. Do not live by my example!

    1. Doing more walking these days, I have good shoes for pathway walks, and old shoes for squishy walks! But I like the idea of blazing my own trail… the adventure continues. x

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