Well, stone me! #gallstones

2018-06-29 18.36.36Three months and not a little confusion, falling-through-the-cracks and communication hiccups later, I finally had my gallbladder and its impressive payload of gallstones removed, in the latter days of June, courtesy of the NHS – just a week or so shy of its 70th birthday milestone.

Things went more-or-less as they should, save for the fact that a bigger than usual gallbladder meant a bigger than usual keyhole incision in my bigger than it should be abdomen. Then – as far as I can tell – this was followed by a bigger than usual amount of surgical rummaging about to sew me up. (In the words of my surgeon, it was a bit tricky … and that, I think, is as much detail as I choose to cope with.)  Mea culpa though, at least in part, because for the first time in my life, obesity was cited as a co-morbidity.  That’s a fairly brutal word to see, even though it doesn’t mean quite what you imagine it does. Ironic it was, all things on my healthy lifestyle journey considered, but I have to suck that one up.

But that wasn’t the end of things. A couple of weeks after my operation, with things generally going just fine, I found myself doubled-up in agony and back in hospital again, as some kind of surgery-related kink or blockage knotted my insides. That kind of pain, you really don’t want. It took several days to resolve, as I attempted to rest my protesting intestines, my arms perforated by cannulae, dragging a drip-stand wherever I went, and not get too stressed about it all; all in an overstretched, overheated ward, during one of the most suffocatingly steamy weeks of the decade.

But as the cliché goes, every cloud has a silver lining, and my silver lining has been that with the surgery, followed by the imposed starvation necessary to relax my twisted gut, I have waved farewell to a further 10 pounds.  That leaves just 10 more to go until I’m back where I was at my lowest, in May 2017.  That’s properly within reach now – so I’ll take that win.

Then, at last, I will be able to put the psychological, emotional and physical disruptions of the last 18 months behind me, and continue the onward/downward weight management drive. Hopefully by the next time I need hospital care (ummmm…. hopefully never?) they won’t feel the need to note obesity anywhere on my records.

Author: Jools

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21 thoughts on “Well, stone me! #gallstones”

  1. Oh my lovely, you are doing great and to be in hospital and in pain during this current heatwave…’hats off’ to you. You are fab and here’s to your sparkling recovery. Hugs (soft ones) Xx

    1. Yup… it was very tempting to feel a bit sorry for myself, but then I was there for 5 days and others were bed bound for weeks. Just grateful to be home and getting well again!

  2. Eek, Jools. That’s practically all I can say. I wouldn’t be celebrating the chance to lose weight if I had gallstones – I’d be behaving like a cross between Camille and Lady Docker, and my family would be learning what life was like under the Empress Theodora. I’m glad you came up smiling, though x

    1. Hi Elaine! Well… it hasn’t been much fun, I’ll give you that. But I’m determined to draw a positive from the experience. It’s helped me get back on-track after a difficult few months, and it’s made me appreciate one or two of my friends especially, for their generous and practical help and support. I confess I have been lazing around rather more than usual, and excusing myself entirely. But normal life must now be resumed!

    1. I’ve been told to be patient. That’s not the easiest thing! I’m learning to let-go and recognise when my body needs to rest. That’s a first for me. 😏

  3. So glad that the awful gallbladder saga has finally come an end. It certainly was a bumpy ride, but hope nearly back to fully strength now. Luckily, your excellent wordsmith skills appear unaffected. May the healing process continue for you. Take care and all best wishes, Brian

    1. Thabk you, Brian. I hope I’ve seen the last of it, though one or two things still not quite right. I’m told I need to be patient… but something in that good at. 😏

  4. So glad you’re feeling better Julie and you’re moving in the right direction. I always enjoy reading your work–love your writing, interpretation and insights into your stories. xo

    1. Thank you, Linda. It’s still a bit ‘two steps forward, one step back’, but I’m getting there. It’s been more disrupting than I’d expected, for sure. Looking forward to getting back to normal!

  5. The word “obese” reminds me of the word “obscene.” It’s as if, any time someone uses the one word, they are implying the second. It is quite demoralizing. (But probably not as debilitating as gall stones and surgical complications.)

    I hope you can find your mojo in time to celebrate whatever holiday season you enjoy in the coming weeks!

    1. Thanks Kiri! I’m approaching Christmas with a great deal of positivity, especially when compared to last year. Gallbladder ‘situation’ resolved, what remains of my digestive system seems to be in good order!

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