Getting back in the writerly zone

Well, here we are again, a little over a year since I last blogged. Every now and then in the last several months, I contemplated taking my blog down altogether. Various things stopped me – inertia, other preoccupations and, occasionally, somebody from across the world stumbling across an old post and making comment.  So more than a year after my last post, those words are still… live.

Long-time readers may remember, I published Singled Out in February 2015 and began writing Novel Number Two five months later. It was a faltering and ultimately false start. Life intervened over the next three years or so. Work kept me busier than I’d anticipated, then my mother fell terminally ill and needed all the care I could give. What came next, the clearing-out of her lifetime of paperwork, passions and possessions, was time-consuming and emotionally exhausting. By then I needed life to give me a boost. It chose to deliver a disruptive payload of gallstones instead, and surgery and hospital stays effectively wrote off the next few months.

But since then, things have picked up quite a bit, it’s fair to say. Life is good and positive again, in many ways.  One outcome of this is that I’m at last making time to get back into this funny business of… writing stories.

I write all the time. A self-employed marketer and copywriter for 20 years, I know I’m privileged to be one of lucky ones who is paid for their words. Those commercial writings, these days mostly for corporate blogs, event promotions and websites, have kept me in paper and ink and I’m not in the least ungrateful. But as I’m in a position to scale back a bit on the jobbing copywriting now, I want to reconnect with the joy of fiction and get started (again… again… again…) on Novel Number Two.

As a result of that faltering early start, I have seven short chapters, about 7,000 words. But they’re in not-bad shape – for a first draft. I have a whole, entire story outline too – and now I’ve read it through, I realise… I still like it. The theme is very in vogue and the story has legs.

So I’m going back in and alongside this endeavour, I’m turning this blog around and setting it back on its original track as A Writer’s Notepad.

My original writerly posts have been knocking around for upwards of six or seven years and they’re buried at the bottom of a deep blogging black hole. I reckon there’s life in a few of those old dogs, so I’ll be updating and reposting the odd one as well as penning a few fresh words too, on the second-time-around experience. I venture most of those early posts weren’t seen by more than a handful of people anyway.

Will it be any different this time, I wonder?

After that, we’ll just see how it goes.

18 thoughts on “Getting back in the writerly zone

  1. So glad you are back on the scene! I, too, have been struggling about whether to disband my blog, rename it and move forward on a new path, or pluck my favourites from the archives and try compiling them into something that is bound and resembles a…book! Possibly all of the above. I do want this to be the year of writing though, and now feel even more inspired upon learning I am in good company. I always love what you write and look forward to many more musings from you.

    Miss you!

    1. Thank you, Cynthia! My blog has been through several iterations, now arriving back in its original form as a writer’s musings. I totally agree about this year being a ‘year of writing’ – perhaps we can keep one another inspired. I miss you too, my friend. Loved hearing about your latest African adventure. Teaser: Thoughts of coming over to the USA in 2021… 😉

    1. Hi Dannie – how lovely to hear from you. So glad you’re still hooked into my little blog! I am re-inspired this year, and with more time and fewer distractions, I hope I can get that writer’s engine running smoothly again.

  2. Welcome back! A blast from the blogging past in my inbox!

    Life is what happens when we’re making other plans isn’t it? Time just flies – but what it also does is provide more context and material for our musings.

    Here’s to novel number two and all who sail in her!

    1. Thank you, Davey! Yes, time flies indeed. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, to prise open the old blog. It started with tidying out the old bloggy stuff and before I knew it, there was a new post squeezing its way out!

    1. Thank you, Jane – it’s nice to be back. I’m putting no pressure on myself, might just be an intermittent blogger, but we’ll see ☺️

  3. I look forward to seeing you “walk the dogs.” I hope they don’t end up chasing squirrels and barking up the wrong tree ! (I may have dragged that analogy through a few hedges on the way to this comment box. I apologize if this is a bit “bedraggled” as a comments go.)

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